ABOUT US: Our inspections are performed by David Ash a full time (7 days/week), fully qualified home inspector who has the highest designation of Registered Home
Inspector (RHI)
with the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) and Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), see ABOUT US for education and
qualifications. David has been conducting inspections since 2005, 15 years, and has performed over 4500 inspections.
Ash (416) 887-3053
or email david@dashinspectionservices.com. We can only accept cash, e-transfer. Taxes are extra (HST 13%)
Residential Property Inspections
Detached - Semi - Apt Condo's - Townhouse - Multi-Unit
Pre-Listing Inspections:
  • Multiple Offers - Where buyers don't have a chance to do their
    own inspections
  • More offers may come to the table - Knowing that a pre-
    listing inspection has already been done.
  • Clean Offers - Reduce the amount of offers requiring a home
    inspection clause.
  • Understand the Condition of the House - Make sure the
    seller understands the condition of their property - may reduce
    post sale issues.
Pre-Purchase and Pre-Offer Inspections:
  • Traditional inspection after/before an offer as been made.
  • Pre-Offer - Hot property in hot location and you want an
    inspection before you make an offer so you know what price to
    go in at.
  • Buyers need to understand what they are purchasing.
  • Lender/Laywer/Insurance may need a copy of an inspection
All Residential Property Inspections and Reports
includes the following:
What does an CAHPI/OAHI "Standards of Practice"
Inspection include?
  • Exterior
  • Roof
  • Heating/A/C
  • Structure
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Interior - Windows/Doors/Ceilings
  • and much much more
  • Click for details of the "STANDARDS of PRACTICE"
Commercial/Industrial Property Inspections
Warehouse - Retail - Office - Industrial - Multi-Unit  
Why do a Commercial Inspection:
  • Net-Net-Net Lease (triple net) - person leasing the property may
    be responsible for the upkeep.
  • Pre-Lease Inspection - to document condition of the building prior
    to leasing property - both, lessor (owner) and Lessee (buyer/rentor)
    may benefit with understanding the condition of the property prior to
    entering into a lease.
  • Post-Lease Inspection - Lessor (Owner) needs to understand
    condition of property after the triple net tenant leaves.
  • Lender/Laywer/Insurance may need a copy of an inspection report.
  • Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Inspections - same idea as the
    residential pre-purchase and pre-listing inspections.
  • Maintenance Inspections - Understand condition of building for
    preventive maintenance program
The Commercial Property Condition Assessment Report
(PCA) includes the following:
  • Detailed non-invasive visual Inspection.
  • Inspections based on ASTM E 2018-01 and or InterNachi Commercial "Standards of
    Practice". When required.
  • Pictures of Deficiencies included in report.
  • Detailed PCA report with Detailed Sections.
  • Probable cost to remedy physical deficiencies, where possible or required.
  • Report emailed directly to you (.pdf).
  • Thermal Imaging (optional).
What does a Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
"Standards of Practice" Inspection include?
Residential Inspections
Commercial/Industrial Inspections
Why Do A Maintenance Inspection?
  • Do you Rent or Lease Units - Condo Apartments and or Homes?
  • Maybe You Are going to rent or lease a property?
  • Do you need proof of the property condition before and/or after you rent or lease?
  • Cover yourself for Insurance and or Possible Liability (law suits).
  • Preventive Maintenance - Catch those issues before they cost more.
  • Health and Safety deficiencies with your property may be a liability issue!
  • Full detailed inspection with pictures for your records.
  • Performed by a Certified Property Inspector - Residential and Commercial
Maintenance Inspections
New Home - Tarion Inspections
  • 30 day, 1 year (11 mth) and 2 year
  • Includes detailed report, pictures of deficiencies and thermal imaging
  • We are Certified New Home Construction Inspectors (NCI) who follow CAHPI New
    Home Inspection Protocol.
Check out our Tarion - New Home Construction web page.
THERMAL IMAGING - Find Hidden Moisture...MOLD!
  • Are you concerned with Moisture Damage behind walls?
  • Thermal Imaging Certified - InterNachi
  • Thermal Imaging, Building Sciences Trained - Flir
Check out our Thermal Imaging Page for more info.
Thermal Imaging
What Does The Maintenance Inspection Cover:
  • Health and Safety Issues - Smoke/CO Detectors/Electrical/Handrails/Guardrails etc.
  • Component Ages for your Records - Furnace/Windows/HWT/Air Conditioner etc.
  • Water related issues - Humidity and Mold Damages.
  • General Damages - Doors/Windows/Walls/Fixtures etc.
  • Recommendations for Improvements and Costs, where possible.
  • Performed by a Certified Property Inspector - Residential and Commercial.
  • Comprehensive Inspection with detailed report and pictures of deficiencies.
Maintenance Inspections - Residential and Commercial
Are you a Residential or Commercial Property Manager or Landlord?
New Home - Tarion Inspections
30 day, 1 year (11mth) and 2 year
Thermal Imaging
Moisture or Mold Damage
Residential Condominium Inspections: Buying or Renting
Out - Why you need an inspection?