Our detailed computer generated report, is detailed, easy to read and includes; the major and minor deficiencies, health and
safety issues. All computer generated Full Reports are now emailed directly to you.

We DO NOT cut corners, our inspections are performed by David Ash a full time, fully qualified home inspector who has the highest designation
Registered Home Inspector (RHI) with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), see home page for more info. David has been
conducting inspections for over 12 years and has performed over 3500 inspections.

It is important that you call for exact pricing and availability. When an appointment is booked at a specific time, please make sure you arrive at
that time or earlier. 24 hr notice is required if an appointment needs to be canceled or changed.
We reserve the right to charge late fees at
$25.00/first thirty minutes and additional fees or immediate cancellation of inspection thereafter, it is your responsibility to be at
the inspection on time.

Ask for David (416) 887-3053 or email dash.ash@hotmail.com
We can only accept cash, e-transfer or cheque. Taxes are extra (HST 13%)
Type of Inspections
mention website for your special pricing

The Pre-Listing inspection is ideal in:
1. Multiple offers - where buyers don't have a chance to do their own inspection.
2. More offers may come to the table - Knowing that a Pre-Listing inspection has already been done.
3. Understand what the Condition of the Home is that your listing - may help in reducing any potential post sale issues.
4. Clean Offers - reduce the amount of offers requiring a home inspection clause.

Full Detailed Inspection
General Summary and Sectional Summary provided (emailed same day)
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Are you concerned with the
possibility of
hidden moisture impregnated materials or a
water leak which cannot be seen by the naked eye, behind a
wall, ceiling or in the basement...which may lead to
mold or
mildew growth?

THERMAL IMAGING may be what you need!
here for more info on Thermal Imaging
Tarion New Home Warranty Inspections
30 day, 1yr(11mth) and 2yr
Includes detailed report and digital pictures, finished or unfinished basements
Toronto and GTA call for more information
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Full detailed inspection
Parking spot and locker inspected, if applicable
Full detailed report emailed to you same day.

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Full detailed inspection
Full detailed report emailed to you same day.

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(retail strip, storefront/residential,office, multi unit etc)
Hamilton-Oshawa, Caledon-Mississauga, NewMarket-Toronto
Full detailed inspection
Full detailed report emailed to you
Pictures of deficiencies included in report, where applicable
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