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About Your House: Pest Control

Are you thinking about purchasing a home in an older established area such as downtown Toronto, east/west Toronto, and
your concerned about termites? Maybe you already own a home and your experiencing some type of issue with bed bugs, ants,
cockroaches or even mice. Thinking of travelling, not sure if the place you will be staying at has bed bugs?

For many years now Termites have been a constant pain for home owners, especially in the older areas of cities and
communities. These insects can be very destructive and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Your insurance company may
even require a maintenance contract with a registered pest control company, check to see what your insurance company
requires. I usually recommend, prior to making an offer, for you or your agent to call some of the registered pest control
companies who service the area and see if they had any issues with the house your thinking of purchasing, they may provide
information over the phone to you. You can start with -
Abell, Orkin, Aetna and MagicalPest Control.

If you click a picture below it will take you to a website, Government of Canada, which contains very informative information
about pests and how to deal with them. Be sure to read the part about "use pesticides safely". Just click on an image below or
click here for the main page.

When it comes to pest control be sure to understand the types of chemicals used, how it may or may not affect you or your
family. Click here for information on chemicals and preparation used by
MagicalPest Control.

Finally, I wanted to point you to a cool website which is a
BED BUG REGISTRY- you can type in the address for any location in
Canada and the US and it will come back with a users encounter, if any, with bed bugs. Click this
"Bed Bug Registry" to go to
the website.